CBD during menopause

CBD während Wechseljahre

Menopause is a natural phase of life through which only one third of all women go without complaints. The hormonal changes that occur in the body are perceived differently from woman to woman. Many women turn to herbal remedies during menopause to alleviate their symptoms. Those affected report that they also try CBD during menopause and that the cannabinoid is a soothing companion.

What happens during menopause?

During menopause there is a hormonal change. The ovaries produce less progesterone and estrogen. As a result, ovulation occurs less frequently and fertility decreases. Menopause is divided into several phases:

  • Premenopause (change in hormonal balance begins).
  • Perimenopause (1-2 years before and up to one year after the absence of menstruation): During this phase, symptoms increase significantly.
  • Menopause (time of the last period)
  • Postmenopause (hormonal balance slowly returns to normal)

It is not possible to say exactly when menopause begins and ends. The symptoms are also individual and vary from woman to woman. It is always advisable to have the symptoms clarified by a doctor before trying other remedies.

What are the menopausal symptoms?

The most common menopausal symptoms include: Cycle fluctuations, hot flashes, headaches, sleep problems, blemished skin, weight gain, depressed mood swings, joint problems.

Rarely, menopausal women develop osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. The risk can generally increase with aging.

Why take CBD during menopause?

The cannabinoid is said to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, relaxing, anticonvulsant and anti-anxiety properties. The interest in natural remedies is increasing in all areas and there are more and more studies about it. CBD can have a positive impact on a variety of processes in the body because the cannabinoid CBD activates and interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is part of the human nervous system.

  1. For hot flashes: During menopause, estrogen levels drop and release more stress hormones. The consequences are higher blood pressure and a higher pulse and breathing rate. Due to the dysregulation of the heat region in the brain, the body reacts more sensitively to ambient temperatures. Many women suffer from uncontrolled sweating during menopause. CBD has a calming effect and can inhibit the excessive release of stress hormones.
  2. For sleep disorders: Over 50 percent of women suffer from sleep disorders during menopause. The cause is not only the hormonal changes, but also the mental pressure. CBD can also have a positive influence here due to its relaxing properties. The body as well as the mind are calmed.
  3. For headaches: Headaches are annoying and occur quite frequently. There are studies that show that CBD can inhibit receptors for pain and inflammation in the brain, thus preventing the transmission of pain.
  4. For mood swings: Estrogen not only controls fertility, but also the release of the happiness hormone serotonin. Researchers believe that CBD promotes the release of serotonin. Inner balance, contentment and good mood result from a balanced serotonin level.
  5. For libido: Reduced desire due to other ailments or even vaginal dryness, which is due to low estrogen levels, can occur especially during menopause. Cannabinoid receptors are not only located in the brain, but also in the genital area. When these come into contact with CBD, they boost blood circulation. This in turn promotes sensation and can lead to an increase in desire. More in this blog post.
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The right CBD product is something every woman has to find out for herself. Depending on the everyday situation in which the complaints occur, there are different CBD products. Great everyday companions are, for example, our CBD Gummies and the water-soluble CBDeus line. Every woman must know for herself if and to what extent she wants to try CBD during menopause.