Make CBD suppositories yourself

CBD is very multifaceted and has countless applications. For example, CBD oils and CBD flowers are on everyone’s lips. Did you know that there are even CBD suppositories? Unlike CBD oils, these are not taken orally. What advantages CBD suppositories have and how you can easily make them yourself, we tell you now!

What are the benefits of CBD suppositories?

Unlike other suppositories, CBD suppositories use only natural ingredients. So no lubricants, dyes or gelatin are used. CBD suppositories can extremely increase the absorption of CBD. In addition, they offer many advantages over oral ingestion. Since the liver is bypassed, CBD can be absorbed into the bloodstream much faster. Also, taking CBD orally is not a treat for everyone*, which makes it a good alternative. A big advantage is the more targeted effect. For example, inflammation in the lower body, menstrual and abdominal pain, endometriosis or digestive problems can be better addressed.

DIY How to make suppositories

Making CBD suppositories is quite simple. You can easily make them at home. We have briefly summarized how it works:

Ingredients: 20g of persimmon butter and a CBD concentration (we use our MAGU CBD crystals).

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Heat 20g cocoa butter in a water bath at 35 degrees.
  • Stir in 500 mg of MAGU CBD crystals until the cocoa butter is clear (CBD concentration can be chosen at will).
  • Fill the mixture into a suitable suppository mold
  • Let it cool and put it in the refrigerator for storage

How to use CBD suppositories?

It is important that you wash your hands thoroughly before insertion. We recommend that you lie down comfortably and insert the suppository while lying down. Afterwards, you should not go to the toilet for about half an hour. Our tip: It is best to insert the suppository vaginally or orally directly before going to bed. You’ve done it! This is how quickly and easily you can do something good for yourself and your body. If you are still unsure, just watch our two videos on Instagram.

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