CBD Animal Oils – How do I give CBD to my animal

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CBD not only has positive properties for humans, but also animals benefit from the crop. Our customers report more relaxation and an increased well-being – for themselves and their pets! You can find even more info in the blog article: CBD for humans and animals. We offer three different CBD animal oils. We distinguish between large and small animal oils and an oil especially for cats, because they do not tolerate terpenes and THC. Many people are unsure about the application, so we explain in this blog article how you can give CBD to your pet without any problems.

Application: Organic small animal CBD oil

Our organic small animal CBD oil is excellent for small companions (under 30 kg). For mice, rabbits or other very small animals we recommend only a small dose. You can simply mix the oil into the food. This is the easiest way for the animals to absorb it. We also recommend you to make some notes, so you can better observe the condition before and closer and also find a suitable dosage for your pet. You can find more information about our organic small animal CBD oil in the blog post: CBD for rabbits, mice & co.

Application: Organic Large Animal CBD Oil

Since animals are not all the same, we have a CBD animal oil, which is specifically for large animals over 30 kg. The organic large animal CBD oil is therefore perfect for large dogs, but also horses and similar animals. Did you know that even some elephants in the zoo get CBD? As a blanket rule, it’s hard to say which application is best. The rule of thumb for our large animal oil is 3 drops per 10 kg of the animal’s body weight. Horses, for example, need a higher dose. We always advise to start carefully and feel your way to the right dosage. Also, we recommend that you take notes when using. For more information, see the blog post: CBD for horses and other large animals.

Special case dogs:

Depending on the weight of your dog, our small animal oil or large animal oil is used. For this, simply give the desired dose on a teaspoon or mix directly into the dog food. As with humans, not everyone is convinced by the taste of oil. The most uncomplicated way is therefore via the dog food. More information about dogs and CBD can be found here.

Application: Organic Cats CBD Oil

As already mentioned, cats do not tolerate terpenes and also THC. Our organic cat CBD oil consists of sunflower oil and CBD extract. For cats we also recommend a dose of 3 drops. The dose may vary depending on the cat. Again, taking notes and comparing the condition is suitable. What we found out is that cats spread and accept the oil better if you drip it on their nose. You can find even more knowledge at: Cats & CBD – Is it possible?

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