Which CBD Product is the right one for me?

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From CBD oils, bath balls, gummy bears to lollipops, sprays and CBD drops, the market has just about everything these days. And while we love innovation and progress, it can also be confusing at times. That’s why we want to guide you a little bit through our assortment today and give you a little help on how to find the right CBD product for you, your grandparents or your neighbors… 😉

Is CBD not the same as CBD?

The correct answer here is: YES. The active ingredient CBD is of course always the same. This also means that the properties CBD is said to have are always the same, such as anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, sedative and so on… In this article we have already explained how CBD works and interacts with the body. However, most CBD products differ in how fast they work, how long they work and where they work. And it is these differences that we will now explain to you.

Before you read on, ask yourself: What do I want from my CBD product? Why am I taking it? How fast and how long do I want it to work? How do I want to take it? Where do I want to take it?

CBD oil or wassersoluble CBD

In principle, it can be said: CBD products not only act differently quickly, but also the effect lasts differently long. Our water-soluble CBDeus, for example, works within 1-2 minutes. This is why customers who suffer from panic attacks or migraines swear by it. CBD oils take longer to take effect, but they last for several hours. That is why they are very popular with chronic pain patients or people on their period.

How do I want to use CBD?

This may sound funny now, because most people would say: Huh? What are the options? With some products it is clear how to use them: CBDates are devoured / eaten and hemp flower teas are drunk. But did you know that you can use oils or water-soluble CBD both externally and internally?

Our CBDeus serum without THC does not contain any essential oils. This means you can also apply it to the skin. Especially with fresh tattoos, sunburn or scar tissue we were told about the positive effect. Simply dilute the serum with a few drops of water and apply. But we also receive messages from customers who use CBD oil internally, for example by applying it to a tampon or a menstrual cup. For this you should always use the oil, because our CBDeus serum contains alcohol and is therefore not suitable for mucous membranes.

How do I know what % CBD is right for me?

Most of our customers approach the perfect dose slowly. Whether 5%, 10% or 20% CBD drops are best for you, of course, also depends on the reasons for taking. So far, CBD overdose is not known and also the WHO gives CBD a very good safety profile. This means that you can try out a little bit.

Personal factors

Last but not least, of course, comes one of the most important aspects: Your personal preference. There are people who like our CBDeus Full Spectrum so much (the author, for example) or love to dress their guacamole with a little “shot” of 😉 CBD oil. Some just find the spray much more convenient for on-the-go than the oil. Others simply like to snack and therefore can not resist the CBD dates.

To give you a little help, you can find a decision tree here. If you still have questions, please write to us at info@magu-cbd.com or on social media. If you live in Vienna, come by one of our stores and let us advise you!

which cbd product is right for me?
which cbd product is right for me?